Core activities

tallahatchie bridge Bridgecraft is specialised in assisting companies with the creation of strategic alliances and joint ventures. Though each project is unique, Bridgecraft's role typically consists of four core activities:

  1. Formulation of a plan, usually a business plan, outlining the content of the proposed alliance/joint venture. This plan consists of a description of the commitments of the parties involved, a summary of the strategic aims of the alliance/joint venture and a long-term financial forecast and/or financing proposal.
  2. Lobbying all interested parties in order to win their support for the plan
  3. Assistance with the negotiations between parties
  4. Assistance in designing the legal and tax structure (if necessary) for the proposed alliance/joint venture. The services of expert advisers are enlisted for this purpose.

Bridgecraft remains involved until the final formalisation of the agreements between the parties. Bridgecraft usually works simultaneously for all parties involved in the project.

Besides this core activity, Bridgecraft performs strategic market research into several specific market areas (media, port logistics and the market for real-time traffic information). The agency also provides advisory services in the field of competition law, including the related area of public tendering procedures.

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