Bridgecraft Strategie en Corporate Finance

Ivo Wildenberg Bridgecraft Strategie en Corporate Finance is a consultancy specialised in developing and setting up joint ventures and strategic alliances. The agency was established on 1 July 1995 by Ivo Wildenberg, who formerly worked for Wyler Soetekouw & Wyler and for Krekel van der Woerd Wouterse. In setting up the company, Wildenberg was supported by Frits Röttger, until recently contractor and property developer in Rotterdam.Wildenberg started his career as a paper boy for the Haagsche Courant in The Hague.

He went on to study philosophy of science in Leyden and Rotterdam and is a recognised expert on the work of the De la Court brothers, two Dutch merchants who belong to the pioneers of the free market economy. During his time as a student Wildenberg was among the founders of Cabaret Van Gils, that earned honors in two consecutive editions of the Leyden Cabaret Festival. Wildenberg is the author of several books and still publishes regularly.

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