1. Management support Mimetas (2015)
  2. Tender and transfer of the National Incident Desk (2010)
  3. Sale of the hydroelectric power stations of Thermphos France (2009)
  4. Preparing the Strategic Master Plan of Zeeland Seaports (2008)
  5. Establishment of NDC Mediagroep (2008)
  6. Design, construction, and implementation of Incident Management Response Time System (2007)
  7. NRp Dagbladen launches advert sales based on proven impact (2005)
  8. Foundation and funding of TripleVia (2004)
  9. Expansion of Exploitatiemaatschappij Schelde Maas (2003)
  10. Unbundling and sale of utility activities on the former Hoechst site in Vlissingen (2002)
  11. Joint-venture agreement between Siemens Nederland, VDO Car Communication and Sky Radio for digital distribution of real-time traffic information via the FM band (2001)
  12. Acquisition of the companies Context Interactive, ACS-i and Media Dell'Arte by Lost Boys (2000)
  13. Joint-venture agreement between Netcast and Colt Telecom for the provision of hosting services (2000)
  14. Agreement between Hessenatie and Zeeland Seaports for the construction and commercial operation of the Westerschelde Container Terminal (1999)
  15. Public tendering of contracts for the recovery of passenger cars on all Dutch roads (1999)
  16. Incorporation of the Nationale Regiopers (NRP), a joint venture in which the Dutch publishers of regional newspapers have concentrated their sales efforts to national advertisers (1998)
  17. Assistance with the takeover of the construction company Röttger Kwaliteitsbouwers by Koninklijke IBC (1997)
  18. Incorporation of TV West, TV Rijnmond, two public-private regional TV stations in the province of South Holland (1996)
  19. Incorporation of Regionale Omroepreclame, a joint venture of TV West, TV Rijnmond and AT5 for undertaking joint sales efforts to national advertisers (1996)
  20. Incorporation of Exploitatiemaatschappij Schelde Maas, a joint-venture between the Municipality of Rotterdam (port authority) and Havenschap Vlissingen (1995).

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