Design, construction, and implementation of Incident Management Response Time System (2007)

aim Aanrijdtijdensysteem Incident Management After a motorway accident the road needs to be cleared as quickly as possible. The touchstone for assessing the quality of the companies in charge of vehicle recovery is their response time. The principal of the recovery services is the National Incident Management Foundation (Stichting Incident Management Nederland, IMN), a collaboration of insurance companies and road maintenance authorities. The IMN processes over 50,000 motorway incident reports each year. These reports are acted upon by about 100 recovery services located throughout the Netherlands.

In 2005 the IMN decided to implement an objective registration system to record the response times of the recovery services. This system was to be capable of automatically determining whether the required response time for each recovery was achieved. The IMN required a system with a sufficiently high level of reliability to enable the recorded data to be used in evidence to support the termination of a recovery service contract if necessary.

Bridgecraft was asked to provide the project management for realising this Incident Management Response Time System (Aanrijdtijdensysteem Incident Management, AIM). Bridgecraft was responsible for the entire process, which involved the following:

The construction and management of the system were funded by the Department of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. Automated systems construction expertise was supplied by Business Case Entrepreneurs (BCE) of Bilthoven. The AIM was built by Geodan Mobile Solutions of Amsterdam, which later also took on the technical management of the system. The GPS units for the recovery vehicles were supplied by Electronic Applications Laboratory (EAL) of Apeldoorn. The functional management of the system was handled by the Insurers' Recovery Service (VerzekeraarsHulpDienst) of Deventer until 2009, when Mondial Assistance of Amsterdam took over.

In 2008 and 2009 the data supplied by the AIM resulted in warnings to about fifteen percent of the recovery service companies contracted by IMN. In 2009 IMN was forced to terminate recovery service contracts in six of its 206 districts of operation. In each case the termination took place by mutual agreement.

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