Incorporation of Exploitatiemaatschappij Schelde Maas, a joint venture between the Municipality of Rotterdam (port authority) and Havenschap Vlissingen (1995)

The Rotterdam Municipal Port Management authority has been endeavouring for some time to set up an umbrella organisation for the management of all ports in the Netherlands. The first practical step towards the realisation of this aim was the creation of a joint venture with the Port Authority of Vlissingen: Exploitatiemaatschappij Schelde Maas ("ESM"). ESM is the owner and operator of an extensive harbour basin (135 hectares) within the territory of the Vlissingen Port Authority. In 2000 the ESM joint venture provided the platform for talks on more wide-ranging co-operation. In these talks the development and operation of the Westerschelde Container Terminal played a key role.

Oprichting Exploitatiemaatschappij Schelde Maas Bridgecraft assisted both parties in developing and setting up ESM. The legal aspects were in the hands of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.

tombstone Oprichting Exploitatiemaatschappij Schelde Maas

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