NRp Dagbladen launches advert sales based on proven impact (2005)

NRp Dagbladen represents regional newspaper publishers Wegener, NDC and HDC for the sale of advert space to national advertisers, making it the leading party in the national newspaper market. In 2005 the company took the innovative step of introducing NRp Ef-fect, a new settlement model for newspaper advert sales. The basic aim was to link the costs of an advertising campaign to the achieved impact. Bridgecraft was asked to help NRp Dagbladen with the development of a product concept and the sale of the resulting product to several launching customers.

project nrp dagbladen

The parties opted for a solution where the objectives of a newspaper campaign are quanti-fied in advance and where the fee payable to NRp Dagbladen depends on the partial or full realisation of these objectives. In addition, the method used to measure and determine the campaign results is laid down. If necessary, the model can be refined further with ar-rangements about the allocation of (parts) of the measured impact to NRp and any other media used. NRp Effect was launched in media campaigns of the roadside assistance pro-vider RouteMobiel and the insurer Proteq. Bridgecraft was responsible for approaching parties and facilitating the negotiations. The experience gained with the campaigns consti-tuted the basis for elaborating a definite product concept.

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