Foundation and funding of TripleVia (2004)

The urban regional authority Stadsgewest Haaglanden decided in 2003 that high-grade traffic information was necessary to promote mobility on the provincial and urban roads in the Haaglanden region. Rather than setting up its own information service, Stadsgewest preferred to stimulate the creation of an independent commercial provider. Accordingly, a tender was organised in which the party with the most appealing proposal was promised a start-up subsidy worth 3.5 million.


Bridgecraft was approached by Vialis, PTV and the VID (Traffic Information Service) to assist them with the creation of TripleVia, a company tasked with the realisation of the projected traffic information service. This assistance included developing a services con-cept, formulating a business plan and writing a tender document. In addition, Bridgecraft helped to structure and design the TripleVia joint venture and the partnership agreement between the three founders. .

In this project TripleVia competed with over twenty other parties inside and outside the Netherlands. The business plan of TripleVia emerged as the winning tender and the Tri-pleVia service is now operational under the name Haaglandenmobiel.

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