Incorporation of Regionale Omroepreclame, a joint venture of TV West, TV Rijnmond and AT5 for undertaking joint sales efforts to national advertisers (1996)

An effective sales channel to national advertisers is a precondition for the successful operation of a regional TV broadcasting station. So when Bridgecraft was helping to set up TV West and TV Rijnmond in 1996, the agency itself took the initiative for a joint-venture between TV West, TV Rijnmond and AT5, the regional TV station of Amsterdam and environs.

This co-operation was of great importance for various reasons. In the first place AT5 was, and still is, the most successful regional TV station in the Netherlands, so that access to its expertise was essential to develop a smoothly functioning sales organisation. In the second place, thanks to the co-operation with AT5, TV West and TV Rijnmond were able to offer advertisers full coverage in the Randstad (the conurbation consisting of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and environs). This extensive coverage was necessary to offer a credible product.

Oprichting van Regionale Omroepreclame

In this project Bridgecraft worked simultaneously on behalf of ten different clients, namely AT5 and the founders of TV West and TV Rijnmond. "ROR" (Regionale Omroeprreclame), a sales office for regional TV and radio commercials, was created on the same day as TV Rijnmond. In 1998 Bridgecraft assisted with the sale of ROR to "ORN" (Omroepreclame Nederland), an organisation that sells TV and radio commercials for all regional broadcasting stations in the Netherlands outside the Randstad.

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