Incorporation of TV West, TV Rijnmond, two public-private regional TV stations (1996) in the province of South Holland

Two public regional radio stations, Radio Rijnmond and Radio West, have been operating in the Province of South Holland since the 80s. An amendment to the Media Act in 1996 gave these institutions permission to broadcast on TV. When the Province of South Holland refused to provide the required financial resources, the two broadcasters decided to enter into joint ventures with commercial partners. In both cases, joint ventures were created with newspaper publishers and cable operators. Though the new regional TV stations were set up as private companies, a clever legal construction still allowed them to make use of their public broadcasting licence.

Bridgecraft helped to develop the collaborative venture on behalf of all parties and remained involved until the actual moment of incorporation. The contract preparations and notarial work were entrusted to De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. In 1998 and 1999 Bridgecraft's services were again enlisted, this time for the sale of the shares in the two private companies to the two public broadcasting stations.

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