Agreement between Hessenatie and Zeeland Seaports for the construction and commercial operation of the Westerschelde Container Terminal (1999)

zeeland seaports Zeeland Seaports operates the ports of Vlissingen and Terneuzen. Hessenatie is the largest stevedore in the port of Antwerp and Europe's second-largest container stevedore, after ECT. For many years Hessenatie has boasted the highest productivity and growth figures in the industry.

In 1998 Bridgecraft approached Hessenatie with the idea of developing and operating a large-scale container terminal on the banks of the Westerschelde at Vlissingen. This was a logical step for Hessenatie as the port of Antwerp has limited scope for seaward expansion due to the Dutch-Belgian border. Locations near the open sea are vital for modern stevedores in order to continue meeting the growing demands of shipping companies.

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After Bridgecraft had introduced the parties to each other, they took vigorous action, leading within one year to an agreement for the development of the Westerschelde Container Terminal ("WCT"), one of the largest container terminals in Europe. The terminal will cover an area of 2600 * 500 metres. The estimated investment runs to EURO 0,5 billion, to be shared more or less equally between the port operator and the stevedore. In this project Bridgecraft acted as project manager on behalf of both parties involved. The project was implemented with assistance from Ocean Shipping Consultants and Haskoning.

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