Joint-venture agreement between Siemens Nederland, VDO Car Communication and Sky Radio for digital distribution of real-time traffic information via the FM band (2001)

verkeersinformatie via de fm VDO Car Communication, the former Philips Car Systems, is European market leader in the production and distribution of in-car navigation systems. Since 2000 these systems, which direct the user with great precision to his or her destination, have been equipped with special components for receiving digital traffic information. This technology, known as Traffic Message Channel ("TMC"), makes it possible for information to be sent as an inaudible signal along with radio broadcasts on the FM band.

rds tmc VDO wanted to make sure that the service provider for TMC operated asccording to VDO quaoity specifications. To this end, an agreement was concluded in March 2001 with Siemens Nederland (principal contractor) and Sky Radio, where Siemens is responsible for gathering and coding the traffic information while Sky Radio employs its FM frequencies to distribute the signal. In this project Bridgecraft acted as initiator and project manager, working on behalf of all parties involved.

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