Management support Mimetas (2015)

Mimetas is the organ-on-a-chip company. The company develops organ-on-a-chip tissue models for evaluating drugs, chemicals and food components. Its unique microfluidic technology, designated OrganoPlate™, enables testing of compounds in high-throughput on miniaturized organ models. These models show better predictivity as compared to laboratory animals and conventional cell culture models.

Mimetas founder Paul Vulto holding a specimen of the Organoplate

Mimetas founder Paul Vulto holding a specimen of the Organoplate/p>

Mimetas was founded in 2013 by biotech entrepreneurs Paul Vulto en Jos Joore. The company is based in Leiden Bio Science Park, the most successful breeding ground of biotech start-ups in Europe. Mimetas sells products and know-how to most of the world's major pharmaceutical companies and is growing rapidly. Bridgecraft worked for the company in the second half of 2015 supplying it with management expertise and strategic advice.

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